Collection: Mid-Autumn Festival 2024 Mooncake Collection

Handcrafted in Singapore

Experience mooncakes made with care and passion right here in Singapore. By supporting local bakeries, each mooncake embodies craftsmanship and authenticity, ensuring a taste that's as unique as it is local.

Uniquely Memorable

Our mooncakes redefine tradition with a modern and luxurious touch. Encased in modern, luxe packaging that breaks away from the ordinary, each mooncake boasts a stunning, flower-like shape that adds an aesthetic touch to your celebrations. Our innovative flavors are crafted to surprise and delight, offering a memorable experience that stands out from conventional offerings.

Premium Quality Ingredients

Indulge in mooncakes crafted with only the finest ingredients. We spare no expense in sourcing premium nuts, fruits, and delicacies, ensuring each mooncake offers a rich and satisfying taste that delights with every bite.